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Glass doors and windows can add a lot of value to any home or commercial space. Fortunately, installing and replacing them isn’t difficult, especially if you’ll get the help of experts like New Glass Works. I’m based in San Antonio, TX, and I provide top-tier glass installation and replacement services to homeowners and businesses in the area. Book an appointment with me today!

What I Offer

Door Glass Replacement

Door Glass Replacement
Glass doors give your property a modern look, but they can be damaged when exposed to impact, strong winds, and other factors. You can have damaged glass doors repaired but, if they're too cracked or broken to fix, it's best to have them replaced by experts like me.

Window Glass Replacement

Window Glass Replacement
Aside from working on damaged door glass, I also assist property owners with their window glass replacement projects. I'll use durable and high-quality glass to replace your damaged windows, and I'll make sure that your brand-new windows will be properly installed.

Mirror Installation

Mirror Installation
Mirrors can make small spaces look bigger and give them an airy and elegant appearance. I can help you select the right mirror size and design for your property and, once you make your selection, I'll take care of the mirror installation process from start to end.

Shower Door Installation

Shower Door Installation
Glass shower doors are the ideal option if you want to create the illusion of space in a small bathroom or if you simply want to give your bathroom a sleek look and feel. Don't worry my dependable shower door installation services are always ready for you to use!

Sliding Patio Door Installation

Sliding Patio Door Installation
Sliding doors let you easily connect your patio to your living space while still being able to secure your property when needed. If you want to install a sliding door, or if you already have one and need help with sliding glass door replacement, call me today!

Commercial Door and Storefront Installation

Commercial Door and Storefront Installation
I don't just work on residential projects — I also offer my professional glass replacement and installation services to businesses in the area! With my help, you can update the glass doors and storefronts in your establishment and make them stronger and more elegant.

Why Hiring Professional Glass Installers Is Always Recommended

It can be tempting to tackle glass replacements and installations on your own to save money on labor. However, this isn’t really advisable since working with glass is challenging and even dangerous, particularly if you have zero experience with the task at hand. So, instead of taking the DIY route, take advantage of my affordable glass replacement services and other solutions! By getting my help, you’re assured that your new glass doors and windows will be properly installed and that you’ll see the best possible results. You’ll also save plenty of time and effort since I’ll handle every phase of the installation or replacement process from beginning to end.

How I Deliver My Top-Notch Solutions

At New Glass Works, I use modern techniques to complete all glass door repair and installation projects according to industry standards and deliver quality results to my customers. I also rely on specialized tools and equipment that allow me to work with glass in a safe and efficient way and finish each project within the ideal time frame.

New Glass Works should be your first port of call if you need a professional glass repair service and other exceptional solutions in San Antonio, TX. Get in touch with me today!

Client’s Testimonial

by Laura Guest on New Glass Works
5 Stars!

My patio sliding doors had lots of cracks, so I decided to call this expert. He quickly completed the repairs and made my sliding doors look new! Anyone who needs help with glass door repair should call him.

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